Sunday, March 11, 2018

The look of Love . . .

You know that look, when you see someone who you haven't seen for a while, and even though one of you is 90 and one is only 4 years old, you remember each other.  It's unmistakable, it's the look of love.
That's what I saw with Tanner and my mother, his great-grandmother.  Sometimes, I'm not even sure if she remember's me, but, when she looked at this sweet boy, she remembered him.

They checked out a few pictures on the phone,  I'm pretty sure it was a photo of the two of them...I think they liked it!

They shared a hug  . . . 


Grandma's feet were cold, but not to worry, Tanner and mom were more than happy to rub them for her.

Secrets were shared, and good-byes were said.

A few hugs and kisses for the road, and we were off.

After our visit we went to lunch, grilled cheese and apple slices were on the menu for Tanner, a quick check of mom's cell phone, and he was ready to make some more smiles!!  All in a days work for this little man!

I'm not sure how many more visits my dear mother will get from this little guy, her life is slipping away...and his is just beginning.  Hopefully through photos and blog posts, he will never forget his great-grandma.

This was a memorable day for all of us!  I love these days when we can make memories and fill our hearts and minds with love.  Go make some memories this week, have fun and be safe!

Hugs and Love,

Monday, March 5, 2018

The good stuff . . .

Well, winter finally came to Idaho!  Over the week-end we got about 6 inches of snow, and that's more than we have had all winter.  I don't like the slick roads and the cold that comes with it, but, we really needed the moisture.  The mountains have snow, and the reservoirs are full, but we needed snow in the valley as well.

Mother Nature is giving us some really gorgeous sunsets these days,  I try to get outside to take photos of them every night, but sometimes, it's just to dang cold, then I always regret it!

Last week I looked out the window,  because the dog was carrying on, and low and behold, he had a poor little cat, stuck up in a tree!  The cat wasn't there very long, cats are agile and brave, he was out of that tree in no time.  And if truth be told, Cole was more afraid of that cat than the cat was of Cole...he's a big chicken when it comes to cats!

So in March, 6 of our 10 grands have birthdays...lots of cake and ice cream, we love it.  We just celebrated Nathan's 7th birthday, and I think that Tanner, who is 4 was struggling just a bit, what do you think?  He's only 4 years old and he was trying so hard to be a big boy when Nathan was opening his gifts.. :0)

We  had was delicious!

Nathan blew out all the candles...with a little help from a friend...Tanner.  It was such a fun night, and I can hardly believe that Nathan, our cute little clone of his grandpa,  is 7 years old!  He's cute, he's kind, he's smart, he's lovable, he's a good brother...and did I tell you he's cute?!  Oh my goodness, we love this little man so much!

Tanner made it through the night with no tears, only smiles... :0)

I just have to tell you that this is the same little 4 year old boy that asked us, very seriously, if we knew about the little fat baby that flew around in the sky, with a bow and his underpants.  Yes, he's REALLY cute.

Have a great week and be safe...XOXOX!

Hugs and Love,


Sunday, February 25, 2018

All in the Family . . .

Well, as promised, I'm going to try to tell you how Bob and I are related to Caleb's teacher, Becky.  And, in a weird kind of way, related to each other, through marriage... eeekkk! Where should I start?

Okay, about 30 some odd years ago, we lived in a wonderful, very small community, where everyone was related...except us...we thought...we found out later that Bob was related to one of  the families there, on his mothers side, but we had no idea that she was related to me as well, until this month!

So, a few weeks ago Cloris, Becky's grandmother, (and two of my children's 4th grade teacher, just a fun side-note), called Bob to find out if he knew a man who was related to them.  He had passed away and she was really concerned about knowing who he was, and how he was related to them.  If Bob didn't know him, she was going to the funeral to find out who he was!  Of course Bob had no idea who he was, because we have never been close on that side of the family, trust me it's a large family.  Bob started doing a little research on him, and couldn't find anything, so we kind of forgot about it.  That same day she called back and said that she had found out who he was and how he was related!  Bob and Cloris started talking about their family and how they were related...they are actually 2nd cousins.  She told him that she had lots of photos of their family, but there was one person who she didn't have many photos of...Mary Ann Howard Bergeson, her great-grandmother.

Well, then my ears perked up and I started listening because, Mary Ann Howard was my grandfather's aunt on my mother's side.

Let's just start with the common relatives for Bob and Cloris.  Meet, the Niels Bergeson family.

The man in the middle is, Niels Bergeson, Bob's great-great grandfather.  The photo above the family is his great-great grandmother, who had passed.  The man standing on the far right is, James Bergeson, Bob's great-grandfather (Bob looks like him).  The man sitting next to Neils is, Frederick Bergeson, Cloris' great-grandfather.  Frederick married my great-great-aunt, Mary Ann Howard, on my mother's side.  These aren't all of his children, Niels Bergeson had 20 children...yup!

Meet the Howards!

So...this is my family, on my mother's side.  I actually have three grandfather's in this photo, but that's a subject for another me... ;0)  James Howard, my great-great grandfather, is sitting next to Caroline Richards, his second wife.  My great-great grandmother died crossing the plains coming to Utah.  The two men standing right behind them, right in the middle, are James Howard my great-grandfather, on the left,  and John Howard, who is also my great-grandfather, on the right...whew!!  Standing next to John, is, Mary Ann Howard, my great-great aunt, who married, Frederick Bergeson, Bob's, great-great uncle.  Are you confused yet?  We aren't sure who the man with the white beard is.  His name is William Griffin, and I suppose he was a friend of the family, no one is sure, but they must have considered him family to include him in the photo.

Maybe this photo will help...or confuse!

So...Mary Ann and Frederick started something big!!  And I married, Bob, and it just continues to go around and around.  Cloris and Bob and Cloris and I, all share a grandfather and a grandmother, just on different sides!  I knew we were all related somehow...hey, Adam and Eve!!  There is so much more to this story, all good, it's so interesting, how it all fits together!

My daughter's husband, James, is also related to me on my mother side...the Howard side, I just found that out tonight while doing a little genealogy ;0)  I may not even tell's complicated!  Sorry LeAnn, (she'll know what I mean).  I think he's related to Bob as well, but just through marriage...I think.

Now that I have you totally confused, go and listen to this cute song by, Ray Stevens.  My family tree isn't quite like this, but it's a cute song, and makes me feel way better about my situation!

And while you're at it...have a wonderful week!!

Hugs and Love,